February 08, 2007

New jobness

I start, at least part time tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous and I am counting down the days until I leave.

It's been easier this week. The fourth grade has a music program Thursday so they spend most of the morning practicing. This gets me out of an extra forty minutes of math torture. But it's back to normal Friday and then only three more days of math. Hooray!

I will be sad though. I'll miss my favorite 5th grade class. But they'll see me everyday next year and I'll get the opportunity to really see them become people. That's probably the most exciting part. I had fifth grade last year, but this is really my first almost all year class. They are so incredibly funny and they have such kind spirits. Unlike some of the others, they don't have a bunch of infighting cliquey girls.

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Cas said...

Huh. I had to call the school over there the other day to talk to Kirstin (kristin??? whatever). Would've been funny if you would've answered the phone.