December 18, 2006

10 Things I love

I got this from Spooky View who got it from Mindy. Mindy gave me my letter, so if you want a letter, comment me and I'll give you one and start the letter thing on a new trail.

Ten things I love that start with "C".

Christine-My middle name. Do I really need to say more?

Chocolate-any kind, but especially really good dark chocolate, or the filled chocolate bars we got when we lived in Sharjah. Or kinder eggs, or well, anything chocolate.

Coffee-Mmmm coffee. I love coffee. The smell of coffee is intoxicating. There are so many kinds and roasts and flavors and ways to prepare it. I like it so much I have a regular drip coffee maker, a french press, and an espresso machine. Of course I also have a grinder and about six different kinds of coffee.

Clean sheets- I know, technically it's an s word, but clean sheets are different than just sheets. There is nothing like climbing into bed with freshly washed sheets smelling like my favorite laundry detergent and fabric softener. Why can guys smell like fresh clean sheets all the time?

Cabbage-Yes, really. I really love cabbage. But not coleslaw cabbage. I like cabbage in soup, braised with butter, in egg rolls, in spicy kim chee, gotta love cabbage.

Cameras-I love my cameras. All of them! It makes life so much more fun with cameras.

Cats-I have always loved cats. My current catty love is a beautiful orange tabby who is sometimes more cat than dog.

Cake-Sometimes, cookies just won't do. You really need cake, moist, tender cake.

Christmas- Santa is still real. Always.

Cooking- I still love cooking. That doesn't mean that I'm above hamburger helper, just that I can throw down a fantastic gourmet meal as well as a box of quick food.


Lesley said...

I want a letter! I love stuff like this... :)

Jen said...

How about M?

Lesley said...

alrighty! i love it. it's so james bond...

Sarah said...

I would like a letter please

Jen said...

You get a b!

Hannah said...

And for me?

Jen said...

An n! You get n.

LE said...

Me, too!

I LOVE cabbage. My favorite way is raw. It has a surprising bite to it.

This is the best cake/chocolate I've had lately:

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cupcakes

(I substituted the espresso powder with dark cocoa powder, and it was soooo dark and rich!)