November 13, 2006

Monday the 13th.

Worse than Friday the 13th. Decker was naughty and home by 9:30. Logan was still lice ridden and home at 10. However, I deloused him and sent him back. Arina and I dressed alike today. There were a million candy wrappers behind Logan's dresser. Marc's back is all messed up again. And we decided last night to reorgainze everything. Again. More shelves, more tubs, computer out of the studio room. Naughty kids at school, lots of stuff to grade and record. Bleah. Darn you monday.


Ching said...

Dr. Mi says Hi!

Sarah said...

try mayo put a plastic cap or plastic wrap over it leave it for like an hour and rinse out the greasy is supposed to loosen the eggs or shave their heads

Sarah said...

I just wanted to inform you that it isn't Monday the 13th anymore!!