October 02, 2006

I'm the only one.

We went to the ren fest this weekend. Not the big one, but the small local fest in Wichita. Since my b-day is Wednesday, we went out this weekend.
The kids really WANTED to go. They did. The picked the fest over a new movie. Really. We all went out to eat at McAllister's Deli and then went to the fair.

Yeah. Take people who LIKE ren fests. Not your entire family who would rather be somewhere else. Marc didn't whine, but the kids sure did. Can we buy something? It's hot. Can I get a wooden sword? It's only twenty dollars. Why did the mermaid give us coins? Can we spend them somewhere? It's hot. I'm bored. Why are they talking like that? Can we go to the children's realm? Can I get some more tokens? Can I buy a token with my money? My fan broke. I don't want to throw rocks at the guy's head. Can we go? It's hot.

So, I have decided that from now on I will only attend a fest with people who like it. Only.

The rest of the time was good though. We went to the costume shop, looked at hoochie costumes, tried on wigs. We ate out Sunday and did some more shopping. So, it wasn't that bad. We'll have cheesecake on Wednesday and it will be just fine!


Cas said...

Next year call me. I LOVE ren festivials. another good friend (M would know her) and I have got to the big one in KC a few times. TOO much fun. We want to dress up next time. LOL

Lesley said...

Oh, as always, scary how similar we are! Just last week, I was daydreaming about driving 6 hours to KC just b/c I always reminisce about Ren Fest in Sept. Seriously. The weather was always lovely, and the sun through the trees! And just the whole day acting silly, eating tons of food, dressing up in stuff I would probably wear everyday anyway, if I could.
I'm so in for making Bonner Springs an annual road trip. (And I plan to leave my husband behind, b/c when I told him about this, he was like, WHHHHHAAAAH?!?!?) The men so don't get it.