September 18, 2006

We're not on Anglo time

Straight from the Father's mouth. Really. I took pictures at my first Hispanic wedding earlier this month. Cas came with me and we had a BALL! It was way more fun with her with me than if I would have gone alone. It's so nice to have another photo freak to hang out with. And of course you are always welcome to ride along again!

Back to my story. We show up on time and NO ONE is at the church. Thinking I have the wrong place we check both churches. No one. Not a soul to be found anywhere. We finally find the Father and he is still in the rectory. His response was to tell us that "Well, it's a Hispanic wedding and we're not on Anglo time anymore." Really, not making this up. So we wait and I take church shots, really gorgeous ones. Finally at almost noon parts of the wedding party show up. However it was about 12:15 before the bride arrived for a 12:00 wedding. The groom shows up at almost 12:45. Crazy. Any other wedding the bride would be freaking out and throwing a huge fit. Not her, just waiting. Lots of waiting.

Finally they arrive and the ceremony starts. It was such a strage contrast, a traditional spanish mass in such a modern style church. Very cool though. The best part was having Cas hang out with me though. She got to experience how much fun it is to find out that you may have been in the wrong place and what to do when you don't have a wedding party to photograph.

I wish we wouldn't have had to get home, we could have shot all day.

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Cas said...

I'm up for it again.

I have to say, you had me giggling remmberhing the look on your face when he said that. LMAO. And the panic driving back and forth trying to figure out if we were in the wrong place or not.

good times, good times.