June 03, 2006

Blog Changes

I got tired of Sarah's blog. Up until a few hours ago it was the yucky blogger green. Now it is so cute! I changed mine around too. I HATE TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT. Really. I just have something against it. So it's changed and all better. But check out Sarah's blog. It's cool. And I did it my self. yeah for me!


Cas said...

these are awesome, I would LOVE to know how you did them. LOL I know next to nothing about computers, so I just use the blogger templates. LOL

Ching said...

Both your layouts look good. Great job, Jen! I really like this new one.

Only one question, tho.. Are you running any scripts? For some reason it keeps crashing my IE. I'm actually viewing it right now using Firefox. Firefox is what gets me through whenever IE fails me. On the upside, your layout seems to be multi-browser compliant. It looks just as good on Firefox. :)