May 17, 2006

Graduation over and done....

My grades are posted and I have officially passed all my classes.

But what a long weekend! Fun but long. Graduation was different. I laugh because somehow, I'm the one that turned into the loudmouthed punk in class. Not disrespectful, but an artsy version of an IT person who has opinions and isn't afraid to tell them to you.

I'm going to post some other pictures later. My friends from WSU are just a little off too.

I graduated along with Suzanne, Marc's sister Mary, and his cousin Darrin and his other cousin Cody. Crazy! At least Darrin and I walked together so that saved one ceremony. The others I watched online.

Then we had a combined party for Mary and I so that Marc's relatives only had one party to visit. I loved the fact that there were so many people in my house! Parties are so much fun!

But I stressed out way too much and threw my system out of kilter. I'm fine now and will be fantastic by Friday.

Now I just have to figure out how to plan for summer and get all the things done that I want done. Marc has PROMISED me a new camera when I get back down to my fighting weight. For some reason this is more motivating than an entirely new wardrobe. So more exercise is in the plan. I also want to get some programs written, garden, restain the deck, learn JAVA, have a garage sale, (Cas I'm going to be selling some of my prop stuff!), go to the lake, and work on some websites. Of course I have plans for the kids too, multiplication facts, writing.... Poor babies, it just doesn't end.

And only 5 more days of school left! Hooray!


Sarah said...

What day do yours get out of school? Robynn's last day is next Thurs I think.

Cas said...

OMG your selling your prop stuff??? WHY?????? ((and let me know ahead of time hehe)

CONGRATS on graduation. That is just HUGE for you, and what a great feeling you must have.

Oh and what kind of camera are you htinking???

Jen said...

I'm just selling extra tea party style dresses, tulle, one white fabric background, and extra angel and fairy wings. I went a little overboard!

And I'm thinking a newer Nikon like a D200. I'd really like a DX2, but that's a lot more money for 2 more mgpixels.

Cas said...

oh let me know on the angel and fiary wings. I've actually been thinking of getting some.