May 06, 2006


I have a caffeine headache this morning. Since there is no pop in the house, I am drinking coffee. I have tons of coffee I need to drink anyway. The alluring smell must have stirred some primitive coffee craving beings in my children this morning.

Decker and Arina clamored for coffee. Maybe it was the smell of the Mexican Chocolate beans, or just the grown up allure of the brewing pot on the counter. They reminded me of when Grandpa would make tea and he would make some just for me.

I gave them lattes, more milk than coffee, with sprinkles of sugar. I've never seen two children so thrilled to have a hot steamy mug gripped in their hands.

What have I done?


Sarah said...

Ewww!!! Coffee and milk two of my least favorite things. Tea is third runner up. Tastes like ass!!!!

Lesley said...

What have you done!? You've given your children the nectar of the gods!

Cas said...

What is it about coffee that kids CRAVE??? I just don't get it (and will take Dr. P any day of the week over coffee LOL )