April 24, 2006


It stormed today. Messed up the phones, huge tennis ball hail all around, but not here. As the storm rolled by tonight, it made me think.

Can you even imagine what the early settlers to the midwest thought about their first tornado? We grow up with it and while it's devastating, it's not unknown or unseen. But can you imagine coming from say, France, to the US and trekking cross country to parts unexplored and watching the sky unleash like it does?

Just think about how mind blowing that would be. Weird natives, grass taller than your head then these storms come out of nowhere and unleash like they do here.


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Sarah said...

We got quarter to golf ball size here at 7 this morning and about 6 pm tonight. My poor car now has nasty hail dings all over it. I was lucky this morning though because 5 minutes after I dropped Steve off the way we go home not on Kellogg it hailed baseball size. Small dings I can deal with. Baseballs crashing through the roof of the car and windows I don't want to deal with.